Improve safety during functional tests. 

SURE SEAL™ provides an instant LED indication of a safe and secure connection. Identify short-connects before media is introduced to prevent spills.

Eliminate leak test false failures to improve first pass yield. 

With ICON™, if the product fails a test, the connections should not be a source of leaks. 

Increase throughput and reduce downtime.

Safe, reliable, and consistent connections every cycle - test more, quicker. Reduce rework and the need to retest.

Collect tool data.

Gather data on historical use, actuations, and cycle count to get better testing results.

Optimize seal maintenance.

SEAL LIFE™ indicates when the main seal needs to be replaced. 

These were easy to integrate, while allowing us to collect data and characterize the device over time. We will use the data to verify a proper actuation, minimize product scrap, check part presence, and provide alerts to replace wear components.

Adam Moyer, CTO
KAMP Automation, LLC

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Eliminate false failures

Increase throughput
and reduce downtime


Intelligent Tools for Better Tests

Real-Time Data Output

FasTest’s ICON™ adds sensing capabilities to our mechanical Sealing Connection Tools. ICON™ Tools include instant LED visual feedback and data output to improve sealing connection accuracy, maximize production efficiency, and optimize maintenance.

ICON™ Features:

System Overview:


Instant LED feedback verifies a good connection prior to starting a test.


Alert when the main seal is at end of life and must be replaced.

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